Webinar | CREDIA Uncovered — Real-time insights for real estate professionals

Caleb Dunn
September, 2020

Introducing CREDIA by Re-Leased — a new real-time insights platform for real estate professionals.

CREDIA (Commercial Real Estate Data Intelligence & Analytics) is a new property intelligence platform with valuable real-time insights for real estate professionals. Watch this webinar on demand, hosted by Tom Wallace, Re-Leased CEO and Caleb Dunn, CREDIA Commercial Analyst, where they discuss:
  • Our publicly available CREDIA Commercial Real Estate Index and how it can be used to drive operational gains
  • Understanding how your portfolio is performing at all times
  • Utilising trend analysis and forecasting to uncover new opportunities
  • Easily sharing insights and client reports with key stakeholders, such as owners, board members, investors and more
  • Benchmarking your company and portfolio performance against the industry standard
  • Forecasting the level of risk in your business and identify focus areas for efficiency gains

Why Watch

COVID-19 has proved challenging for landlords, property managers and occupiers alike. However, it has exposed the need for the real estate industry to grasp the opportunity to adapt and innovate.

  • We have built and delivered CREDIA, a business intelligence and analytics tool, so that property managers and landlords no longer have to rely on instinct; they can use data and analytics to make faster decisions and more accurate forecasts supported by evidence.
  • By having complete visibility of critical data, users can monitor the performance of portfolios and easily share results and insights with those who matter most.
  • CREDIA is stimulating transparency in the commercial property industry whilst retaining the privacy around sensitive information. It is a democratisation of commercial property performance data.

“In the current COVID-19 climate, this sort of intelligence should not be underestimated and will be part of a wider toolkit that the industry needs to adapt and innovate. As we navigate through these challenging times, it’s crucial that property professionals are armed with the right data and insights to make decisions that will optimise performance and revenue," says Tom Wallace, CEO of Re-Leased.

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