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Commercial Real Estate Index for the latest market trends.

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CREDIA Executive

Data-driven property intelligence dashboards for your portfolio and team.

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CREDIA Stakeholder

Insights and intelligence for enhanced client reporting and service.

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CREDIA Benchmark

Benchmark your data against the CREDIA Index using our free service. Coming soon!

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Real-time insights for
real estate professionals

Commercial Real Estate Data Intelligence & Analytics 


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Turn data into your most valuable asset

Do you understand how your portfolio is performing at all times?
How do you compare to the market?
Can you easily share results and insights with those who matter most?


Who is CREDIA for?

We ensure you have the right information to make timely and accurate decisions with ease.

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Commercial Investors and Landlords 


Measure the performance of your assets and commercial activities. Easily view and make sense of your data with user-friendly dashboards built specifically for commercial real estate professionals. Justify your decisions with statistical evidence and uncover new opportunities.

Best Product Fit:
  • CREDIA Executive
  • CREDIA Benchmarking
What Can Property and Technology Companies Do to Increase Engagement and Collaboration?
Asset Managers and Property Managers


Take control of your operational data and become a truly data-driven company. Use real-time information from our CREDIA product suite to manage your team and assess workload, enhance your reporting to clients, and forecast the risk levels to your business.


Best Product Fit:
  • CREDIA Executive
  • CREDIA Stakeholder
Real Estate & Economic Research


Use CREDIA to inform and educate your audience. The CREDIA Index and Spotlight reports are updated monthly to help shape an accurate and timely picture of the commercial real estate market. If you have specific use cases or if you would like to understand the data in greater detail, please reach out.

Best Product Fit:
  • CREDIA Index


Insights tailored to your needs





The Commercial Real Estate Index

  • Utilise statistics on occupier performance, leasing trends and national averages to benchmark against the wider market and asset classes.
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CREDIA Executive
Property Intelligence Dashboard

  • Pinpoint the strongest elements of your portfolio to build upon and identify areas of risk to mitigate, as well as benchmark company performance against the industry standard.
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CREDIA Stakeholder
Enhanced Client Reporting

  • Position your brand as forward-thinking and tech-literate with existing and prospective clients.
  • Facilitate a level of investor relations that your competitors will struggle to match, while fully embracing a value-add approach to asset management reporting.
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CREDIA Benchmark
Compare your data against The CREDIA Index

  • CREDIA Benchmark is a free service which takes the CRE Index and overlays the subscriber's personal data so they can clearly benchmark their performance against the index.
  • Customer data can be pulled from Re-Leased or provided manually on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Delivered regularly in pdf format, straight to your inbox.

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“Data is becoming an increasingly important tool in effectively managing commercial property and providing a quality service to our clients. A greater understanding of the market  and improved reporting of our own portfolio performance with CREDIA  places our business in a strong position for the future.”

Matt Hawtin
APL Property

The market data produced by Re-Leased has allowed us to appreciate our rental profile payments in correlation to a wider UK trend during the current COVID period. Understanding our own rental data compared to the market data allows for better-informed conversations with our clients and decision making internally, ultimately providing a better service for our clients.

Rob Spencer
Director of FHP

CREDIA Features and Press

The Telegraph
financial times

CREDIA Spotlight Market Reports


Spotlight Report

UK Sept quarter report | day 60
COVID-19 Rent Collection Impact Report reflects real-time trends for commercial rent collection in the United Kingdom.
Download now →

Spotlight Report

AU Rent Collection Report | Sept
COVID-19 Rent Collection Impact Report reflects real-time trends for commercial rent collection in Australia.

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Spotlight Report

NZ Rent Collection Report | Sept
COVID-19 Rent Collection Impact Report reflects real-time trends for commercial rent collection in New Zealand.

Download now →

The CREDIA Evolution

Since 2013, hundreds of property agents and landlords across the globe have placed their trust in Re-Leased to run their operating system with a cloud-based approach. 

Re-Leased is proud to have served a variety of real estate companies and assisted their pursuit of growth, mobility and agility. Now with this scale and the aggregation of data, Re-Leased is taking the next step to build out the cloud ecosystem for commercial real estate.

  1. CREDIA represents our efforts to easily enable a data-led approach for real estate professionals.
  2. CREDIA will share unique insights and analytics on commercial property, and emphasise the significance of this data in the decision making process of property investors, agents, analysts and beyond.
  3. A range of commercial property parties will have the opportunity to apply a data-led approach to their operations and portfolio management through the CREDIA suite of products.



Connect with CREDIA

CREDIA will respond as soon as possible via the contact us form or connect directly with your area of interest below.

Tom Wallace
Founder of Re-Leased and CREDIA

Tom Wallace is the founder and CEO of Re-Leased Property Software, and CREDIA. Re-Leased helps thousands of owners and property managers across the world run their property business in the cloud. CREDIA brings the next evolution for real estate professionals through data intelligence. Connect with Tom for speaking engagements, partnerships and more.

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Caleb Dunn
Product and Sales

With a background in consulting to real estate businesses as they shift into the cloud and where they can capitalise on emerging opportunities, Caleb now leads the direction for the CREDIA product suite. If you have any questions on product functionality or wish to explore how CREDIA can assist your business, please reach out below.

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Georgina Bondfield
Marketing and Press

Georgina heads up the marketing and press engagements for CREDIA. For interest in the use of the Index dataset for media, real estate or economic research, or for content engagements, connect below or specify in the contact us form.

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